• American or French?

    Anyone researching the Brittany in books, or on the internet, will notice there is a significant difference in the look of the American and Canadian bred dogs, when compared to those carrying bloodlines from all other countries around the world.

    The reason for this is because while the American and Canadian bred dogs have the same genetic origin, they do look significantly different to those from other European foundations. The early American importers used foundation stock that were orange and white or liver and white, and chose to eliminate any black dogs, dogs with black markings or those carrying genes for the colour black.

    By selectively and deliberately excluding the black colouration over the years, the colour and coat is now different (i.e. no ticking or roan patterns).

    Similarly, the type of hunting that the American’s do dictated the need for a larger, long legged dog. Hunting on the vast open prairies, on horseback, encouraged breeding of a much rangier dog, capable of covering the distances required and easily visible (white and orange/liver patches as against the more camouflaged ticked and roan pattern).

    Nevertheless, in recent years, DNA tests performed in the USA have indicated that currently, the breed markers for both American type and French type Brittany are identical.


    The Brittany Club in New Zealand is proud to be dedicated to all representatives of the breed, regardless of colour and type.