Even though the first individual of the Brittany breed was first registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club in 1975, it was not until recently that a Club was founded to support the breed.

    In early 2010, a group of Brittany enthusiasts gathered in Christchurch to create the Brittany Club, and formal recognition was granted by the NZKC later in the same year.

    The aims and objectives of the Brittany Club are to promote and foster the welfare of the Brittany breed nationwide and encourage endorsement of the current NZKC Breed Standard.

    The population of the breed in New Zealand has remained small, but nevertheless, it has developed a reputation as an ideal hunting companion and pet. Sometimes Brittany’s appear at shows and there is a slightly larger number supporting gundog field trials from time to time. A small number also compete in Obedience and Agility competitions.

    The Brittany Club in New Zealand produces a regular newsletter called The Brittany Bulletin, which is very popular with all club members. As membership has grown, the Club Committee has held “Fundays” to reflect the activities New Zealand resident club members and their dogs undertake. It is hoped to hold more club functions around the country as membership grows.

    Overseas membership is most welcome and indeed, many of our supporter’s resident in other countries do enjoy catching up with all the news through The Brittany Bulletin.


    In 2017, club members voted to support a proposal for the Brittany Club in New Zealand to formally associate with the New Zealand Gundog Field Trial Association (NZGTA) and this was ratified at the NZGTA Annual General Meeting in October.
    In 2018, the Brittany Club hosted its own successful Open Pointer & Setter trials, aimed as a precursor to running its inaugural championship pointer & setter event in 2019.

    All persons interested in the Brittany breed, whether exhibiting at shows, competing in obedience, agility and gundog field trials, hunting enthusiasts, enjoying a companion dog or as active breeders; together with any other persons, who want to encourage the betterment of the Brittany breed in New Zealand, are cordially invited to join the Brittany Club.


    DOG OF THE YEAR - roll of honour

    The Brittany Club in New Zealand is proud to award this accolade to the Brittany that has the most meritorious performance during each club year.
    All current Club Members who submit results and information about their dog for publication in the Brittany Bulletin are eligible and the committee decision is final.

    The recipients are presented with a donated trophy and are as follows:

    2012     NZCh Holmbrook Black Montee CDX     owner Mrs C.Kenny

    2013     Eclaireur Du Montier RN      Owners Mr S. & Mrs K. Walker.

    2014    Bear of Prattpoint     Owner Mr Z. Archer

    2015   Ch Holmbrook Black Montee ADX CDX JD and Mrs C. Kenny

    2016   FTCh Haby Du Clos De Faisan QC and Mr J. Smith

    2017 Ch & FTCh Holmbrook Sophie Neveu QC and Mr B & Mrs C Hill

    2018  GFTCh Haby Du Clos De Faisan QC and Mr J. Smith

    2019 Holmbrook Counting Stars JD RA QC – owners Mr S & Mrs K Walker

    2020 NZCh Astrelis Say My Name (Imp Aust) CDX JD RN – owner Mrs E. Doucette


    For more information contact the Club Secretary Kelly